Enova partners with big data specialist METRON to reinforce its position as energy efficiency pioneer

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Enova partners with big data specialist METRON to reinforce its position as energy efficiency pioneer

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Dubai, UAE:Constant monitoring and detailed analysis of energy data are key success factors for energy efficiency contracts. However, huge amounts of energy data are currently left untapped. To bridge this gap with an innovative approach, Enova recently partnered with the French start-up METRON, an expert in big data science. Together, the companies will tackle the challenges in the energy efficiency market in the Middle East and help industrial customers use smart energy management solutions to reduce their utilities costs.

The joint offer combines Enova’s local and regional experience and on-site teams with METRON’s specialized technologies and expertise in the industrial sector. The first round of customer meetings showed a strong interest from the market for Energy Intelligence solutions that result in energy savings while decreasing the environmental footprint. By reducing one of the largest expenses faced by the industry, Enova excel in sustaining its clients’ growth.

44% of industrial leaders declare they lack in-house expertise to turn energy data into actionable insights. With METRON’s technological platform, these high data volumes will be collected from industrial sites in real-time and analyzed by Enova energy efficiency experts to ultimately transform them into tangible energy savings, adding to the 24 million AED of energy savings already guaranteed by Enova through existing contracts.

METRON’s smart energy platform spans across all industries. In particular, METRON’s current references include leading companies from chemicals, plastics, automotive, food, paper and glass industries.

Anne Le Guennec, CEO Enova, said: “This partnership shows the significance of big data in a climate of increasing resource scarcity. Thanks to unique tools and solutions, such as those provided by METRON, we are able to enrich our existing services and support especially the industrial sector in making the most of their energy resources.” 

Vincent Sciandra, CEO METRON: “We are glad to have formed a partnership with Enova, whose offer perfectly complements the services provided by METRON. We are experts in collecting and assessing big energy data, while Enova has proven processes and the highly skilled manpower needed for energy audits and Operations & Maintenance follow-up. Together, we will be able to re-shape the way energy resources are being exploited.”