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How to strengthen the UAE's retail sector

Retail is critical to the economy of the UAE. In Dubai, for example, it makes up just over a quarter of our gross domestic product. Harking back to our long history of trading and our mercantile spirit, you could say that retail is in the country's DNA.

04 Feb 2021

Why succeeding in the post-COVID era means reassessing corporate risk

• A more agile approach to risk management is needed post-COVID.

• Annual risk assessment should make way for continual 'horizon-scanning' for possible business threats.

• This level of preparedness and planning should permeate entire company cultures.


25 Jan 2021

Will stakeholder capitalism continue to thrive after COVID-19 vaccines are rolled out?

This year’s Davos Agenda centres on the urgent task of rebuilding trust to deliver a more inclusive, cohesive and sustainable future. But with the inspiring global vaccine effort signalling an end to the pandemic, is there a danger that we – as a global business community – could revert to business as usual?

14 Jan 2021

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