Business Ethics

Majid Al Futtaim adheres to national regulations in all markets in which we operate. Over and above national regulations, we have also made a choice to follow international best practices and continue maintaining our regional leadership position.

Our Corporate Compliance mission is to serve the best interests of the business and its employees, customers, and stakeholders by promoting an organisational culture committed to integrity, ethical conduct, and compliance with the law.

We do this by establishing standards, policies and procedures to ensure that Majid Al Futtaim achieves strategic and operational objectives consistent with its compliance obligations.

Speak with Confidence

Speak to your manager
Speak to your member of the ethics panel or chief compliance officer
Call your ethics hotline
Report is reviewed by the Ethics Panel
The Ethics panel recommend follow up actions
(Including corrective actions or disciplinary measures)
The Ethics panel will update with the final outcome.
The case is closed and any corrective action is taken.
Any concerns you raise are dealt in absolute confidence. If you feel voicing your concern has led to any negative behaviors, reprisals or retaliation, you are requested to immediately contact a member of your Ethics Panel or Chief Compliance Officer.

Ethics Panel

Reporting to the CEO, the Ethics Panel is a multidisciplinary independent body, present in each Operating Company with representation from Compliance, Legal and Human Capital.

The Ethics Panel consists of the Chief Compliance Officer, CEO or his delegate, the General Counsel and Human Capital Officer. The responsibilities include:

  • Deploy a “speak up” culture.
  • Ensure that all reports of alleged misconduct are promptly and thoroughly substantiated, handled in line with the criticality level, and initiate independent investigations.
  • When applicable, propose corrective measure and/or disciplinary action to the CEO of their respective company.


Privacy Policy

As a customer-focused organisation, Majid Al Futtaim aims to protect our customers’ privacy and ensure transparency. We view this as an opportunity to drive greater customer trust and confidence in our brands and their digital platforms.

Majid Al Futtaim has adopted its Privacy Policy principles as a best practice. This global benchmark ensures personal data is correctly managed.