As one of the region’s market leaders across multiple industries and emerging specialties, Majid Al Futtaim is able to offer unique insights drawn from our own operations and data, and integrated with external figures and statistics. Covering a range of topics from annual sustainability reports to quarterly economic indicators, our publications are intended to add to the body of knowledge in our markets and contribute to our shared growth and development.

Insights & Publications


ESG Report 2021

We all hope for a positive future. But when we look around us, and at the challenges facing the world, it’s hard to see how that’s possible without major changes.

At Majid Al Futtaim we know that to secure a positive future in which everyone gets a chance at enjoying great moments everyday, we must achieve more than just incremental improvements. It is time to be more daring.

Sustainability Reports


Science-Based Targets Whitepaper

Mar 2023

Employment Conditions Policy 2022

Mar 2023

Sustainable Pre-Acquisition Policy

Oct 2022

Zero Waste Policy

Sep 2022

Economic Inclusion Whitepaper

Sep 2022

ESG Report 2021

Jun 2022

ESG Report 2021 Annex: Environmental Data

Jun 2022

Independent Assurance Statement

Jun 2022

Green Sukuk Report 2022

Jun 2022

Nature-based Solutions Whitepaper

May 2022

Health and Safety Policy Statement

Mar 2022

Responsible Marketing Policy

Feb 2022

Reports & Publications

Retail Economy

State of the UAE Retail Economy

Following the positive response from our earlier consumer insights memo, our State of the UAE Retail Economy reports contextualise detailed insights from interactions with hundreds of millions of customers across a variety of sectors in order to help businesses, the private and public sectors and other stakeholder groups better understand retail trends and evolving market drivers in the UAE.

By combining our unique analytics and perspectives with the best available external indicators and data, we hope these reports will enhance our region’s recovery and retail sector in the months and years ahead.

MENAP Economic Integration Barometer

PRL - Economic Integration Barometer

A Baseline for Regional Integration

How have the global disruptions of the past 2 years impacted the MENAP region’s readiness for deeper integration and growth? Amid growing efforts to boost economic growth through cross-regional integration and alignment, how will private-sector participation contribute to speeding up progress?

In collaboration with the World Economic Forum and McKinsey, Majid Al Futtaim’s MENAP Economic Integration Barometer will benchmark the region’s overall progress and growth. Our goal is that the barometer will provide transparent, meaningful data that facilitates alignment and unified growth regionwide.

Revisiting the MENAP Economic Integration Initiative


Reassessing assumptions against a post-pandemic reality

Two years since we first outlined our proposition to unlock the potential of the MENAP region, the world continues to experience ongoing disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic’s unexpected economic and social fallout.

Daunting as these challenges may be, Majid Al Futtaim believes they also present the region with a great opportunity to leverage regional strengths, rebuild our frameworks to be stronger and more resilient, and reboot our efforts to drive greater economic cooperation. This is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’, but a fundamental strategic imperative.