Discover the world of water with Aqua Play at Mirdif City Centre, Dubai

15 Mar 2010

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Children in the UAE now have a brand new place in which to roll up their sleeves and explore the world of water. Aqua Play, a one-of-a-kind attraction, combines rides and games using water-based activities which are both fun and educational.
This unique 2,200sqm water-based indoor attraction - designed and developed by Majid Al Futtaim Leisure - was conceived to offer fantastic mall-based entertainment and educational facilities for all the family and to push the boundaries of leisure activities within a retail environment.
Aqua Play is aimed at children from the ages of two to eight and features an array of things to do – including interactive games and rides - using running and still water. It incorporates the marine themes of sandy beaches and palm trees and its own unique cast of characters called the 'Aquapals,' skippered by Captain Splash. But visitors don’t need to get wet from head to toe as Aqua Play is designed for fun in water no deeper than an arms length. An offshore sailing feel is provided courtesy of ropes and rigging and a fresh cool blue and sandy beige colour scheme ensures a nautical look and feel.
Craig Hart, Vice President of Majid Al Futtaim Leisure says: “Aqua Play is an excellent way for young children to have fun with water while at the same time helping with childhood development and confidence building. The facilities enable youngsters to experience the dynamics of water and interact with it in a safe and family-friendly environment. Aqua Play is a one-of-its-kind attraction and opens up a whole new area of children’s entertainment. Bringing the element of water into play is unique to mall based leisure facilities and Majid Al Fattaim Leisure is proud to be the first to bring such a great new attraction to the UAE.”
Research shows that play is an important part of a child’s development. Children have a natural, inbuilt ability to learn, and watching, listening and playing with water can develop emotional skills and help in both physical and cognitive development.
With this in mind Aqua Play has a number of simple activities which are designed with an edutainment purpose. The Aquapals - Dana the Starfish, Oscar the penguin, Muriel the crab, Ravi the Turtle, Nelson the whale, Sheila the angelfish and Karim the Jellyfish introduce sea life, while being on hand to help children navigate the facility in a fun and safe way.
In Muriel’s Aquatraptions area visitors can experience the dynamics of water and in the Mad Lab discover the mechanics of it.
Dana’s hidden treasure, the first gemstone digging facility –  where children can take home a sparkly treasure – encourages inquisitiveness as they look to uncover something special within the sand.
Alongside educational fun there is also a chance for children to catch a ride on a flume canoe or a tug boat swing ship. Alternatively they can spend time knocking into each other in one of the fantastic bumper boats.
Aqua Play is located within  Mirdif City Centre.  And is one of six exciting leisure experiences from Majid Al Futtaim Leisure.