Snow Penguins at Ski Dubai Welcome Emirati Explore

05 May 2012

Snow Penguins at Ski Dubai Welcome Emirati Explorer Dana Al Hammadi

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, May 6th 2012 – After her remarkable journey as the first Emirati woman to reach the South Pole, the iconic Snow Penguins give fearless female Dana Al Hammadi a ‘cool’ welcome to Ski Dubai as she enjoys the morning snow with the birds.

Returning to sub-zero temperatures for the first-time since the culmination of her unparalleled achievement, Al Hammadi enjoyed a one-one-one interactive experience with these sociable and endearing birds, not unlike those she encountered on her extraordinary 14-day adventure. Al Hammadi recalls being welcomed to Antarctica by dozens of penguins as one of her favourite moments; “They are wonderfully friendly and curious creatures, it was amazing to have the chance to see them and interact with them again right here in the UAE.  It is truly an unmissable experience.”
After putting her very own mark and that of UAE on the famous frozen continent, Al Hammadi has played a key role is being a voice for the environment. “The effects of climate change are very real, I saw the ice caps melting with my own eyes, and enormous mountains were breaking down right in front of me. We have a responsibility to preserve and protect this special place not only for ourselves but because it provides a habitat and a home for these beautiful creatures.”

In a conscious effort to raise awareness about penguins, conservation and how people everywhere can affect their natural habitat, Ski Dubai recently announced the formal partnership between Snow Penguins at Ski Dubai and Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute (HSWRI) where Snow Penguins at Ski Dubai will support penguin research conducted by HSWRI and contribute to the program via funds raised from the Peng-friends souvenir line for the Snow Penguins at Ski Dubai.

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