Enova Launches Dedicated Energy and Performance Space to Enable Middle East’s Smart Facilities Management Market

02 May 2019

Middle East’s premier energy and facilities management leader unveils Hubgrade 4.0, a state-of-the-art embodiment of Enova’s continuous technological evolution.


Enova has expanded its Dubai headquarters into two floors and today unveiled a dedicated space for its energy, technical and performance solutions. Accommodating for growth and modernization in this new age of digital omnipresence and customer service prominence, this new space will support the Middle East’s smart facilities management market growth.


With the Middle East growing its infrastructure and mega-events, organizations are driving green buildings, smart buildings, and integrated HVAC systems to enhance daily lives.


“As the Middle East advances new levels of innovative facilities management, the dedicated extension is in line with our vision of permanent openness, innovation and collaboration. Our upgraded smart monitoring platform, Hubgrade 4.0, is the core of Enova’s service excellence guarantee, and this is physically represented in the new office space. Through Hubgrade, our team of experts provides clients with an unrivaled holistic overview of their assets’ performance covering a large number of complementary indicators, allowing us not only to guarantee savings, but also to use it as a Measurement & Verification tool,” said the company’s CEO, Anne Le Guennec.


Anne Le Guennec added: “The new floor is distinguished by modern open-plan workspaces, promoting collaboration between engineers, data analysts, digital experts and customer-facing colleagues. Ultra-modern and technologically advanced, it features LED screens showcasing an overview of data retrieved on real time, areas of optimization, and maintenance activities to be prioritized by the company’s technical on-site and mobile teams.”


Launched in 2014 as Energy Saving Center to centralize data monitoring and analysis to deliver guaranteed savings, it was the first smart energy monitoring platform in the Veolia environment that now features a total of 16 centers worldwide. In the following years, the tool continued to evolve to fit changing market and client needs. It was rebranded in 2017 to become Hubgrade 2.0, catering for a widened scope of energy, water, waste and other performance data. In 2018, after a seamless integration with Enova’s computer-aided facilities management (CAFM) tool and its newly launched smart waste services, Hubgrade 3.0 was introduced, revolutionizing the way our clients can interact with their assets’ consumption data.


“Our hypervision platform is fully integrated with Enova’s operations and customer service teams, who can be seen working together in the new workspace. Offering an increased scope in terms of quantity and quality of data monitored and analyzed, the tool can be applied to any type of property, including mixed-use communities and industrial sites,” said Enova’s Technology and Performance Director, Rachid Hamida.


Rachid Hamida added: “Hubgrade 4.0 is enhanced with additional functionality in the form of the ‘Super Dashboard’. It combines a series of sub-dashboards in one real-time overview, offering flexibility for filtering and customization according to the viewer’s needs. This Hubgrade revamping also brings a new offer structure to suit varying budgets and service level requirements – Progress, Smart, Green, and Premium.”


Enova’s seamlessly interconnected suite won the Global FM Award last year and also earned Enova second place in this year’s MEFMA Technology-Driven FM Awards in March, where the judges praised Hubgrade’s interactivity with other support tools, the degree of customization and automated reporting offered.