Carrefour Kenya

25 Aug 2018

We view our suppliers as partners and have an ethical obligation to locally source our products so that together, we can further build Kenya.

We view our suppliers as partners and have an ethical obligation so that together, we can further build Kenya.

Since opening the first store in 2016, Carrefour Kenya’s “Buy Kenya, Build Kenya” campaign has resulted in incredible outcomes for local fruit and vegetable farmers – ensuring that Kenyan produce, exclusively developed for the market, is sold in Carrefour Kenya stores.

With two-thirds of Carrefour Kenya’s produce being supplied by local farmers, 99% of the stores’ 30,000 items are being sourced from local suppliers, which means that revenues directly reach the communities that are involved in the supply and produce to the retailer. As a result, local farmers in Kenya have been able to stabilise and grow their business up to tenfold.

This professional business relationship with Carrefour has breathed new life into Kenyan communities, with families deeply appreciating the opportunity to contribute to their country’s economy while providing for their family’s future.

In 2018, Carrefour opened its fifth store in Kenya, and employs around 1,500 staff. Through Carrefour Kenya’s partnership with local farmers, Carrefour has created job opportunities, improved income standards, created new markets, and provided great moments for new customers.

Making a positive impact in the countries and communities we operate in is an integral part of what we do. We ensure ethical and professional standards in our operations and work with our suppliers as partners to enable them to access a wider market through our stores, both regionally and internationally.