Building a workforce for an extraordinary time

Life, as most of us know it, has changed. It may not be forever but the shift has been sudden and unexpected, and we are now learning to adapt in the best interest of our families, communities and businesses.
15 May 2020

Building Digital Resilience Around the Customer

Resilient businesses use digital technologies, data and analytics to create long-term customer value.
03 Jul 2020

A New Baseline for a Greater Collective Action

Over the centuries, humans have fundamentally changed the make-up of our planet. Our activities have caused global warming and the destruction of the natural world with farming, mining, and housing driving wildlife out of their natural habitats and into more contact with people. This activity has brought imminent danger to humanity, given that 75% of all emerging infectious diseases come from wildlife.
19 May 2020

Middle Eastern markets will need a post-pandemic reset

Stakeholder capitalism can help the Mena region bounce back more resilient than ever
08 Jun 2020

Local businesses support the economic fabric

The magnitude, complexity, and socioeconomic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is only now being fully understood. The ongoing black swan event is, by force, pushing industry leaders to rethink and transform their global supply chain model.
28 May 2020

How should retail respond to the fourth industrial revolution

As a new wave of technology signals further changes to our lives and the regional ecosystem, how should sectors such as retail adapt?
21 Jun 2020

4 ways stakeholder capitalism can create a more resilient

Covid-19 does not recognize borders. Contagion has been evident not only in the transmission of the virus across countries but in the global economic propagation of this health shock on production, consumption and the consequent slowdown in economic activity.
09 Jun 2020

How Egypts economy can continue to power ahead during a global pandemic

Egypt is one of the Middle East’s most powerful transformation stories.
05 Jun 2020

Light at the end of the tunnel / preparing for a post-COVID-world

The global economy is deep into the worst economic crisis of the last 100 years. Across the Middle East and North Africa, the economic outlook is perhaps even more severe than elsewhere, as the region faces unprecedented dual shocks from COVID-19 and the collapse in oil prices. With malls closed and social distancing in place, consumers are simply not spending money like before.
10 Jun 2020

COVID-19 and business recovery- the power of data

The COVID-19 pandemic is testing the resilience of nearly every business to its limit. Many companies have suspended their operations completely, and even those who are allowed to continue trading are struggling. The challenge is not just coping with disrupted supply chains and volatile consumer behaviour, but also preparing businesses for the new normal after this virus has been contained.
30 Jun 2020

Unleashing entrepreneurship in MENA

The region must reclaim its rich scientific heritage, but it needs billions of dollars annually and government and institutional support. Today’s world is full of disruption. The rate at which new entrepreneurs and fresh business ideas are emerging, continues to gain momentum globally and regionally. Every day, we read about new start-ups pushing the boundaries of technology, exploration and experience.
18 Jul 2017

Talent as important as balance sheets

We live in a world with so many questions and few clear answers. “Too many laws, too few examples.” Uncertainty is the new norm, and we are called upon to make major decisions while figuring out what tomorrow will look like.
19 Jan 2018

Digital and physical’s symbiotic relationship

Since Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods, a deal that sent shockwaves across the retail world, the question that every brick-and-mortar retailer faces is how they propose to stem the tide of ‘follow-suit’ competition that will now inevitably engulf their market.
22 Jan 2018

Business world still needs green champions

New products and services are often created to enable businesses to sustain their success, diversify their investment and protect revenue from volatility. Success stories and failures are easily found, but in the era of climate change, diversifying away from risk cannot rely on products and services alone.
17 Jan 2017

Why succeeding in the post-COVID era means reassessing corporate risk

• A more agile approach to risk management is needed post-COVID.

• Annual risk assessment should make way for continual 'horizon-scanning' for possible business threats.

• This level of preparedness and planning should permeate entire company cultures.


25 Jan 2021

A re-set in our thinking about Leadership

We live in times of unprecedented complexity. Global forces and technological changes have catalysed disruption to the point it has outpaced our ability to adapt. 2016 was the year in which rising dissident voices rose to an undeniable pitch. Brexit, the election of Donald Trump to the US presidency and the shift towards extremes in many European countries. Around the globe, social contracts are breaking down and a new narrative between the governing and the governed has not yet been crafted.
18 Jan 2017

How to strengthen the UAE's retail sector

Retail is critical to the economy of the UAE. In Dubai, for example, it makes up just over a quarter of our gross domestic product. Harking back to our long history of trading and our mercantile spirit, you could say that retail is in the country's DNA.

04 Feb 2021

Will stakeholder capitalism continue to thrive after COVID-19 vaccines are rolled out?

This year’s Davos Agenda centres on the urgent task of rebuilding trust to deliver a more inclusive, cohesive and sustainable future. But with the inspiring global vaccine effort signalling an end to the pandemic, is there a danger that we – as a global business community – could revert to business as usual?

14 Jan 2021

How The Private Sector Can Help Startups Succeed In The Arab World

The Arab world needs thriving startups to truly deliver on its potential. By championing them, the private sector can help everyone share in their success.

04 Nov 2019

How a healthy start-up ecosystem benefits all

Joe Abi Akl, Acting Chief Corporate Development Officer, Majid Al Futtaim talks about why start-ups will find more success in the region
28 Nov 2019