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Unleashing entrepreneurship in MENA

The region must reclaim its rich scientific heritage, but it needs billions of dollars annually and government and institutional support. Today’s world is full of disruption. The rate at which new entrepreneurs and fresh business ideas are emerging, continues to gain momentum globally and regionally. Every day, we read about new start-ups pushing the boundaries of technology, exploration and experience.

18 Jul 2017

A re-set in our thinking about Leadership

We live in times of unprecedented complexity. Global forces and technological changes have catalysed disruption to the point it has outpaced our ability to adapt. 2016 was the year in which rising dissident voices rose to an undeniable pitch. Brexit, the election of Donald Trump to the US presidency and the shift towards extremes in many European countries. Around the globe, social contracts are breaking down and a new narrative between the governing and the governed has not yet been crafted.

18 Jan 2017

Business world still needs green champions

New products and services are often created to enable businesses to sustain their success, diversify their investment and protect revenue from volatility. Success stories and failures are easily found, but in the era of climate change, diversifying away from risk cannot rely on products and services alone.

17 Jan 2017